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Charita M. ~ Leimert Park


June 5, 2020

I am writing this letter to express my experience with regard to selling my home prior to relocating from Los Angeles to Oregon.  In order to do so, I must start from the beginning.  Prior to putting my home on the market, I had met with several Realtors who we’re all interested in being “the one“ to get the sale.  I interviewed three prior to making my final decision.  As things turned out, the timing was a bit premature, being that I was not quite ready to move forward at that particular time.  There had also been people who drove by the house and saw the outside and made contact by phone to see if I wanted to sell.

I first crossed paths with Mickey Kessler, of Coldwell Banker sometime around, I would say, late February or early March.  I am sure your records reflect the actual time frames but, I could not put my hands on my documents, which are still packed away at this time. I met Mickey as he was in the area canvassing on that particular day.  I happened to go outside to retrieve my mail and he handed me a flyer. I inquired about the homes in the area and what they were going for.  He asked me whether we could set up an appointment to meet and further discuss in detail and, that he would provide the documentation I needed at that point, which we did.  I advised him that I wanted A close friend of mine at the meeting as well.  I can say, had he not been canvassing the area on that particular day, at that particular time, I don’t think that appointment would have taken place.  I had plenty of people who had left fliers previously that I did not respond to. It was the fact that we had a chance to talk a bit and what he said made sense to me. He didn’t pressure me at all, just stated the facts.  I just had a good feeling about him handling the listing.

By the end of our meeting, I agreed that Mickey and Coldwell Banker would be the Realtor.  Mickey took time, addressed all of my questions, (and there were quite a few).  He was honest, patient, and always took his time in explaining, until he knew that I understood the content and had a good picture of what to expect.  I could tell he was no novice.  

And so, the house listed.  I had certain things that I wanted or did not want, which were not negotiable (for example, I did not want any signs in the front yard).  He let me know the pros and cons with that request, but told me it was my decision, and so it was.  And he did so on other points that came up.  What I appreciated is that ultimately, it was my choice.  As I stated, there were many questions that I had.  Mickey was always able to come up with viable solutions and ideas; always professional, patient, and he did not pressure me under any circumstance.

Everything worked out great!!!  The initial open house went very well.  I believe we had offers within the first week, if memory serves correctly.  The staging was great.  The pictures taken by the photographer were great.  Whenever I contacted Mickey, I knew that I would get a return call prior to close of day.

Bottom line, my home sold within the range I had hoped for; no repairs were required; the process was smooth throughout and I never had any regrets about listing with Mickey and Coldwell Banker.  It was a good experience, especially for a first-time sell.

Kudos to Mickey Kessler and Colwell Banker for the experience!!!



Charita M.