aiden Special Edition: The House Healer
House Healer

by: Jessica Bilson (assistant to Mickey)  A couple weeks ago, while Mickey and I were out in the Westwood neighborhood on appointments, we met a man with a very unique set of talents. Aiden Chase is a self-described healer, intuitive, psychic, energy clearer (just to name a few), and a really nice guy! He told us some remarkable stories about going into homes to clear negative or dark energy, and it sounds like he has been in some real haunted houses! When a home is not selling and it seems to be because of “bad vibes,” or lingering negative energy from previous owners, Aiden Chase (aka The Hollywood Healer) is the guy you want to call. After he clears the “bad” energy in a home that isn’t selling, he reports that it’s usually sold within two weeks thereafter! Check out his website by clicking on the link that I have provided, and see what you think. Also, Aiden mentioned that there is going to be a reality show about him, so keep an eye out for a show called “Hollywood’s Healer.”  By the way, we at The Westwoodian are stating for the record that we are not taking a position “yay” or “nay” on whether haunted houses, negative energies or bad vibes are or are not real.  I can tell you this, per one of Coldwell Banker’s recent legal seminars we learned that if a home-seller believes that their home is haunted, we are legally bound and required to make disclosures regarding such “phenomena” to the prospective buyer. . . for what it’s worth.

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