Pocket Listings

What is a Pocket Listing?

A pocket listing is an informal agreement between a home owner and a Realtor wherein the Realtor is allowed to show the home to a prospective Buyer. In return, the home owner (Seller) signs a written agreement in which they agree to pay a commission to the Realtor for a successful sale to that specific (named) Buyer. For every Buyer shown the home, a separate agreement is signed by the Seller.

What if I list my home?

Upon receiving notification that that a pocket listing on my web site has been listed, the home is removed from my web site without any future obligations to myself or Coldwell Banker (unless, of course, the home is listed with me), other than excluding the Prospective Buyers I have accumulated from the new listing.

How will this Pocket Listing Registry expose my home?

Mickey Kessler aggressively markets this and a few other specific neighborhood. As part of his marketing plan every single piece of printed material mailed or delivered to residents and absentee owners in this neighborhood will promote this Web site and encourage them to look it up. This will be enhanced by periodic contests & promotions offered on this site.

This Web Site address will also appear on all marketing material dispersed to the Brokerage community. This address is also being promoted to the Brokerage community at large and will in short time become “the place” to go to look for the largest volume of unlisted inventory in this neighborhood.

If marketing your home as a “Pocket Listing” with Mickey Kessler appeals to you and you would like your home marketed as a Pocket Listing on this Web Site, please contact us here.

NOTE TO BROKERS: If you are a Broker/ Realtor with a Pocket Listing and you would like to market through this Web site, please feel free to submit it as well (you may withhold the address if you wish). Your participation is welcome. If you have questions, please call Mickey Kessler at (310)442-1398.