DSC02699 Its Spring!  Time to plant tomatoes! Have you considered planting a home garden?  One of the joys of owning a home is the yard that comes with the house.  Put that yard to work! A home garden will provide home-grown fruits and vegetables that will surpass anything you can buy at the market in both flavor and freshness. What’s more, it’s not nearly as hard, or messy as you might think. Whether you plant in-ground or in containers (for condo and apartment dwellers), the procedure is much the same.

th DSC02691 Its Spring!  Time to plant tomatoes!Here’s a video demonstrating the planting of tomatoes.  Tomatoes are a great place to start if you want to give vegetable gardening a try.  The plants are hardy, easy to grow and abundant producers.  In addition, among home-grown vegetables, tomatoes have the distinction of tasting the most dramatically better than what you’ll find in the market.  I hope you find this video helpful.

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