The following are Frequently Asked Questions, and answers that may be of help to you:

Q – Where are you from?
A – Los Angeles, born and raised

Q – How long have you worked in real estate?
A – Fourteen years.

Q – Is now a good time to sell?
A – Absolutely! Home sales are at record-high prices.

Q – Is it a good time to buy?
A – Yes. Although home prices are high, interest rates are at record lows. While you may pay more for your purchase, the financing will be much less expensive than it would have been at previously higher interest rates. Moreover, in many cases the interest portion of your loan payment is deductible from your income taxes (check with your accountant or financial advisor). For example, if you purchased a home for one million dollars and financed $800,000 of it at a rate of 5.75%, your payments would be approximately $4,668 per month. At previous interest rates of 7% (for example) you would only be able to finance approximately $700,000.

Q – Aren’t all Realtors the same?
A – No. In fact there are vast differences between how we Realtors conduct our business.

Q – If I live outside your areas of specialty can you still represent me on the listing and selling of my home?
A – Yes, but contact me. If it is an area where I am not familiar or a property type for which I am not well-suited, I will tell you so and I may even recommend that you list your property with another Broker.

Q – Is real estate commission negotiable?
A – Yes, and I am happy to discuss commission rates and the many tasks I perform to earn my commission. I also feel it is important to inform the home seller of the ways commission is used as a sales tool. Moreover, my skill and expertise can often fetch my clients’ net proceeds far in excess of what it would otherwise net from a discount broker at a reduced commission. If however, the home seller is only looking to pay the lowest commission possible, then I am not the Realtor for you.

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